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Ferdinando Urbano

Research interests

Development of innovative applications for natural resource monitoring and management using GIS, spatial database and remote sensing, with a special focus on applications in developing countries. Spatial analyst for environmental modelling. Movement Ecology. Tracking data management. Forestry management. Crop and vegetation monitoring.

Professional experience

My professional experience is focused on problem solving in the spatial domain and environmental management, using scientific and technical tools to design and develop effective applications in different application domains: movement ecology, food security, forestry, fishery, soil mapping, desertification, agriculture, water management. I use to join multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. I have experience in more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, working for international consultant companies, international organizations, NGOs, universities, and scientific research institutes. For more information, you can visit my LinkedIn profile:


For a complete and updated list of application, you can visit my ReasearchGate profile: